Is Your Water Heater Old and Inefficient?

It's time for a water heater repair at your home in El Paso, TX

Is your water heater struggling to produce enough hot water for your family? Is your water bill sky high? It's time to call 1st Step Leak Detection. You may need a water heater repair or a new water heater installation. A standard tank water heater lasts about eight to twelve years.
If yours is at least that old, it's time to talk about a replacement.

Ask about our flat-rate fees and payment installments for bigger jobs. Choose 1st Step Leak Detection for your new water heater installation in El Paso, TX today.

Schedule your tankless water heater installation

Schedule your tankless water heater installation

Is your water heater old, inefficient and taking up too much space? The staff at 1st Step Leak Detection is ready to take on your tankless water heater installation. A tankless heater takes up significantly less space and only heats the water you need, reducing energy costs. You should invest in a tankless water heater because:

  • They create enough hot water for a large family
  • They reduce energy costs
  • They create a consistent water temperature

If you're looking to cut back on your energy bills and conserve water, consider a tankless water heater. We are also proud to provide boiler heater and spot heater installation. Schedule your water heater repair or installation in El Paso, TX now.