Find the Source of the Problem

We offer water leak detection services

When you suspect there's a leak somewhere in your water line, it's important to locate the problem as soon as possible. 1st Step Leak Detection offers water line leak detection services in El Paso, TX.

We have a high-tech machine that uses sound frequencies to determine the water line leak location. Once we find the water leak, we'll mark it so you have a point of reference. If you'd like us to, we'll repair or replace the line.

Schedule water line leak detection by calling 915-333-9075 now.

Look for signs of a leak in your water line

Look for signs of a leak in your water line

If there's a leak inside your home, you may see signs of moisture or mold. Water leaks outside of the house can be more difficult to spot. We recommend homeowners in El Paso, TX look for the following signs of a leak:

  • Wet spots or puddles on your lawn
  • A noticeable drop in water pressure
  • Higher utility bills

Water can cause sinkholes or cracking pavement on your property. Contact 1st Step Leak Detection today to if you see any signs of a leak on your property.